2 hrs : 1 sec

I am alone… alone in a deep empty space.
I can’t see people around me; I can’t hear them cheering anymore.
They went rush; they went away and left me behind.
I am left behind in a halted second. My heart beats haphazardly and I feel cold.
There is no longer the society that I loved. All’s left is useless industries, and bare rules. There’s nowhere I belong. Am I fuckin’ dreamin’?!
I suffer the pain of billions of people. Am I the last one who is gonna die?! No more pain indeed after I wiped away?
Life for me was like a moment; or a sum of couple of moments which I spilled in to the fullest. What do I need more? Life goes on anyway… maybe in another planet?!

I’m alone… alone in a crashed spaceship. Everybody’s dead and I’m marching in a deep horrible space, towards unknown. There’s oxygen left for two more hours. Hours… what do they mean now?! All I have is a second, just a second to live. I can experience happiness only for one second, and then let my horrified eyes wait for a miracle to happen.

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