About me, and stuff…

When I was born, my country was in war. Parents had moved to a northern town until I was born. The world was pretty much fucked up. It still is. Anyway, they named me Amin. I love music, painting, drawing, creative stuff.

Name: Amin Behdarvand
Date of birth: 4/28/1982
Nationality: Iranian
Height: 170 cm
Education: B.Sc. majored in Telecommunications
Occupation: Telecom Engineer

The countries I have visited:
Armenia, Turkey, UAE & Georgia
I loved Armenia and Georgia.

I'm a thinker. I think. It's out of my control. I love beer, too. I can see things differently when I drink beer. That's what I like about it.
Sometimes I do programming. My skills are not limited to my education. It means wherever I go to work, I learn more stuff and develop more skills. I have changed. Big times!
I used to be religious. Then I was a non-religious, but spiritual. Then I was interested in Satanism. It didn't take long that I felt that all of those are crap. And the best thing in the world is to be reasonable. Reason became my God. But there are still moments in my life that no reason could approve those. So, I guess eventually I need to establish a new religion where we worship a made-up God which is non-existent who likes reason, or something like that. :)
Philosophy is tempting, but I really have issues with playing with words. I find philosophical books so complicated to read. They are written for those who are geeks about words. And it's not really my area. I need a medium which is fun. I live for fun and love.
I can go on talking about myself all day. Or you can listen to my music.